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If this is the wrong place to post this, then please remove it right away.

But, I just wanted to announce that there's been a new community set up, :D


This is a place, where the newest headlines in German football will be discussed.
Simliar to a open chat-show / news channel style community.
All opinions will be welcomed, and as long as its made the headlines. it can be posted.

Everyone is free to join!

Hope to see some people there,


German University

Ok - I know I go on alot about this.
But I SERIOULSY need some career advice.

As most probably know, I am planning to study in Germany in the future.
And, my first step is that I'll be attending college here in September.

Well, when I finish I'll have a diploma in Film and Television.
Which is exactly what I'm looking for.

This is where my concerns lie though, when I contacted and checked the German universities where I want to attend.
They all say foreign students will need a relevant university degree.

What does that mean?? O___o

I'm really worried now that my college degree wont count.

Because if it doesnt, what am I supposed to do?
Can anyone help me!

Background information is (if thats important) I got all british education and when I graduate I'll be roughly around 23.



Hey - does anybody here live in Germany??

Because.....I know Philipp and Claudia Lahm did a recent interview for BUNTE and i heard its pretty good with some new pictures in it!!

So, I'm pleading has anbody read it yet or better bought it or could scan it in??

Philipp's website totally sucks because they've stopped uploading new interview scans, like they used to. :(


Fuck Me

Wow - how rude people have gotten on here.

thats the last time i'm posting anything! Anywhere on Livejournal!

ask for feedback and all you get is insults.

Its not like there's a clear guide anymore for where you can post stuff.

Could SOMEONE be nice enough and not such a fucking idiot, and tell me in a perahps nice way of where I can post stuff these days.

I'm back!

Quickly - I'm back, with a new fic. It's still in the making and hasn't yet been proof read or even BETA-ed, except by me.
It's rather different from what I usually write but I was just totally inspired and thought I'd give it a go.
It's kinda of weird for me - because lately i've been reading some excellant stuff and feel slightly out of practice.

I'd TOTALLY love feedback on what you readers (if I get any) think!! Need to totally know, whether its a waste of time or if it's something sort of worth keeping up.

Plus - if anyone would like to help me, to BETA and proof-read it, for the future chapters, I'd really appreciate it! :)
Here it is:

Title: Black Stars
Rating: 15 – 18 (for strong & serious themes and strong language - slash later)
Warnings: Strong themes and language (sorry if it offends)
Pairings: Muller & Badstuber (mainly - in future chapters)
Summary:Thomas is a young journalist, who’s been set up with the task of lifting the lid on the football industry. But finds that its more deadly then he’d expected and that for all the money the young guys get they always have to pay equal back.
Disclaimer:I don't know or own any of these people and don't condone any of the violence displayed. Anything portrayed in this is the work of my WEIRD imagination – you’ve been warned. XD
Episode summary: Thomas gets his new assignment in a rather unconventional way. For once he feels uncomfortable about doing a job and with everyone on his case. There’s no backing out of it.
Notes: Not much, just it's not the typical fanfic I guess. Very 'Story-heavy'.

The..Journalists..HeartCollapse )


Help with Fic!

Hey Folks,

I know it's been ages but I'm finally getting close to building up a couple of decent fanfics.

Need some serious assistance though, I would really appreciate it if someone could
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Hey Folks,

I know it's been ages but I'm finally getting close to building up a couple of decent fanfics.

Need some serious assistance though, I would really appreciate it if someone could <bproof-read</b> them for me.

Just to help correct any grammer I could have overlooked and perhaps give some tips on things that could be omitted, scenes that need more explaining or that need to be changed.

Anything, just to make it nicer to read in the end. :)

Volunteers desparatly needed, because I can't wait to get these up and running!


Its all Good in the Hood

Since, I'm totally sporttin' the Philipp Lahm for the New Captain of the G.N.T (german national team) party.

Because, let's be honest those are his plans.
Can't remeber who discovered this plot first in their post. It was someone, and please feel free to speak up.

I've discovered evidence to support this, and how he plans to win over those who yet are not buying into his coolness.

Rule.1. = Go to Image consulting. Look Cool....(but don't let your plans be discovered...yet)

Philipp Lahm in Mallorca - DFB
Uploaded by alienigena. - Basketball, baseball, pro wrestling and more sports videos.

LJ laundry day!!

Hello Everyone if there is anyone watching my journal anymore,

I've decided that after months, if not 1 or 2 years of hardly any activity, its time to revamp this journal.

Watching it decay has left me slightly depressed, but thanks to juwy for making me a new avvy, I'm feeling slightly optimistic about giving this journal a new makeover.


I'll be working on changing my profile and the old Avvy is going.
Also, wish I could change my username, but don't think I can.

Originally I wanted to start a whole new profile, but then it'd be really hard rejoining all my groups and adding all my friends.

This will have to do then.

Also ++ I'll revamp this journal to try and be mostly dedicated to fussball fic's again.

Working on some ideas to post.

Watch out XD!!

Crack is back!! *dramatic cinematic music*

Now the good part:

If anyone has any 'die mannschaft' or Bayern Munchen, pairings they'd like written about, please leave me a comment,

and, it will help if you'd tell me what Genre you want it.

Mostly, I do 'super drama' (like proper depressing stuff) or things that are extremely 'not serious'.


I'm going to MUNICH!

Hey people guess what!

I'm coming to munich on vacation for 3 days in November XD!!!!

One of the things I'm totally going to be doing a spot of Man-spotting in munich, any tips on how to catch a bavarian-man eyes LOL?

P.S: I'm totally excited, I was wondering, does anybody live in Munich or is visting it end of November. Could totally be a pen-pal moment here XD.

Uni help.

Can someone who's German or who has experience with the German educational system tell me what this exactly means:

>abgeschlossene Berufsausbildung.